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The story of SUIFAB started with a beautiful thought that how can we have a “BETTER US “place. Better Us , we mean a happy work environment, a place where designing can have a new meaning, providing employments, and making sustainable products beating the high prices.

Having worked in fashion industry for almost 15 years the duo of husband and wife, understanding the various requirements in the changing work culture wanted to build a place where HAPPINESS would be of highest importance.

The thought was so strong that they decided to set a venture where they could not only provide employment but also change the concept of working with stress. Letting the best coming out from each employee was one of the goals. The teams behind the scenes and at our retail outlets all contribute in making a products journey joyful right from the designing, printing, stitching till selling.

The art of hand block printing is an age old technique which makes a beautiful and unique impression with one or more different blocks dipped in color and stamped on fabric. It’s totally hand done and so every piece created with it is unique. But With the fast changing world, the original practices are replaced with fast forward methods. The art is dying due to this disastrous change because the hand block printing is replaced with many other types of mechanical printing that create the similar impression but cuts off the block printers completely, taking away their bread and butter. The new generations of these artisans are also fleeing away from the printing industry due to shortage of work. Having worked closely with these artisans for 15 years and witnessing there dreadful situation the couple holds it as their social responsibility to contribute to revive this art. The company has fully fledged in-house printing unit along with associations with many women clusters who are well versed with art of embroidery.

The ever increasing prices and lower going quality for women’s wear was also one issue that they wanted to tackle with controlling the costs and providing affordable products with good quality fabrics. We are committed strongly to continue with this thought forever.

The brand name is based on the vision that the directors had, as they strive to sew various elements of happiness with one vision, so the needle stitches and binds the fabric together.

All the designs and patterns are aesthetically pleasing, as well as relatable so that the women who wear it outshines in her own unique way. We take utmost care of every small detailing as we believe that it’s the little things that make ordinary extraordinary. We wanted our stores to be more than just stores. Our vision was that our stores would make one as comfortable as at home. The interiors and the wide range of products work magic. Our team members at retail outlets are well versed to give you the best advises of fashion and make you look stand out from the rest. We call our staff the CARE TAKERS, who not only assist you for shopping but also crack jokes and make you laugh. Going that extra mile, we are proud to say that our customers are more than family to us, making our vision of BETTER US a reality.

We started from online in 2019, but with an overwhelming response for our product and services now we have 3 stores and more in the pipeline. We are determined to work harder and with simplicity accomplishing our vision.